2005 Honda Civic Type-R

Car Name: Honda Civic Type-R
Brand Name: Honda

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The Civic Type-R continues in the footsteps of the Integra and Accord Type-R derivatives, delivering exceptional dynamic ability, innovative engineering and an exhilarating driving experience in a unique road car package. Striking, purposeful looks are matched by a high output, 2.0 litre engine, which features Honda�s advanced DOHC i-VTEC technology. Applied to the Honda Civic Type-R, output rises to a prodigious 200 bhp at 7,400 rpm, with peak torque of 144 lb-ft delivered at 5,900 rpm.

100 bhp/litre equates to a top speed of 146 mph, while a 30 per cent lighter flywheel and improved engine response for the MY 2004 Type-R have brought the 0-62 mph acceleration time down from 6.8 to an even more potent 6.6 seconds; yet combined cycle fuel consumption remains at 31.7 mpg.

i-VTEC is the generic name of Honda�s latest large capacity four cylinder petrol engine family. The name is derived from �intelligent� combustion control technologies that match outstanding fuel economy, cleaner emissions and reduced weight with high output and greatly improved torque characteristics in all speed ranges.

The design cleverly combines the highly renowned VTEC system � which varies the timing and amount of lift of the valves � with VTC or Variable Timing Control. VTC is able to advance and retard inlet valve opening by altering the phasing of the inlet camshaft to best match the engine load at any given moment. The two systems work in concert under the close control of the engine management system delivering improved cylinder charging and combustion efficiency, reduced intake resistance, and improved exhaust gas recirculation among the benefits. i-VTEC technology offers tremendous flexibility since it is able to fully maximise engine potential over its complete range of operation.

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