2011 Nürburgring 24 hour race : Porsche wins at the Nordschleife

1st PLACE: # 18 (LIEBHERR / LUHR / DUMAS / BERNHARD) Porsche 911 GT3 RSR - 2nd PLACE: # 1 (MÜLLER / Farfus / ALZEN / LAMY) BMW M3 GT - 3rd PLACE: # 14 (Basseng / FÄSSLER / STIPPLE) Audi R8 LMS

NURBURGRING : June 26, 2011 - In the 39th Edition of the ADAC Zurich 24h-race won at the weekend Marc Lieb (Germany) / Lucas Luhr (Switzerland) / Timo Bernhard (Germany) / Romain Dumas (Switzerland) in a Porsche 911 GT3 RSR. The pilots at the Bonn Team boss Olaf Manthey could be in front of 250,000 spectators around the legendary Nurburgring Nordschleife in a thrilling slugfest against dozens of teams and work to enforce factory-supported teams.

1st PLACE: # 18 (LIEBHERR / LUHR / DUMAS / BERNHARD) Porsche 911 GT3 RSR

After 156 laps (3958.968 km), they were probably the fastest goal in the 24h-Race of all time before the work of second-placed team from BMW Motorsport. Jörg Müller (Monaco) / Augusto Farfus (Brazil) / Uwe Alzen (Germany) / Pedro Lamy (Portugal) failed to order the BMW M3 GT defend their title scarce. Third Marc Basseng (Neusalza) were / Marcel Fässler (Switzerland) / Andrea Piccini (Italy) / Frank Stippler (Bad Münstereifel), the Audi R8 in the LMS Domiciled at the Nurburgring last year's result of the Phoenix squad
could repeat. Detailed information and results for Gives endurance classic it-under www.24h rennen.de on the Internet.

After a tremendously exciting able performance in the first two thirds of the race the eventual winners from the Sunday morning to concentrate their placements bear with top speed to the finish. Earlier, the fans in the jam-packed Spectators an exciting start-up phase experienced with many lead changes, the seamlessly into a nightly battle over high-speed left. Here lay the Manthey driver laid the foundation for the victory, as they are faster with a series Could sell the rest of the competition rounds. "This 24-hour race was for us Perhaps the most difficult, "admitted team boss Manthey," because the competition was really enormous. Our strategy was to rely on our own strength and not
engage in excessive jostling for position. This is paying off. In the night we were able to settle with fast, consistent lap times of all four drivers - and This projection has paved the way to success. I'm really happy for our whole team for this victory has worked harder than ever before. "Great joy There was also at BMW Motorsport. "This is a highlight of the season for our team and me for a grand finale of their careers, "summed up BMW Motorsport Director Dr Mario Theissen. "Last year we won here, because We had fewer incidents than the competition - this year it was vice versa. This race involves so many imponderables that you plan ahead, a victory may. "

2nd PLACE: # 1 (MÜLLER / Farfus / ALZEN / LAMY) BMW M3 GT

Farewell to the steering wheel

An emotional farewell as an active driver of the motor sports scene to celebrate this Weekend, Hans-Joachim "Striezel" Stuck. With his victory in the first edition of 24-hour race in 1970, the Austrian-laid the groundwork for a one-time driving career, which ended at the same point now: In a Lamborghini LG 600 was the crowd favorite with his two sons John and Ferdinand and Dennis Rostek (Porta Westfalica) into the race. With the 15th Space was the Doyen highly satisfied: "The weekend has made me super fun," grinned
Stuck. "The biggest thing for me was that we drove the fastest laps Ferdinando is. Even at night he did a great job. For me, this is a sign that I can now give the baton to my sons. "It could not be stucco take, during the final laps to grab the steering wheel himself: "I have me on the last lap was very happy and enjoy every single one. "

3rd PLACE: # 14 (Basseng / FÄSSLER / STIPPLE) Audi R8 LMS

Highly satisfied organizers

"This 24-hour race was a real endurance Crime", said race director Walter Hornung after the finish. "Three brands share the first four places, the struggle of the top teams was exciting and balanced: This confirms our intensive Effort to the regulations on the highest level opportunities had to produce. "Right up until the hours before the start on Saturday afternoon Experts on the schedule in a balance of performance power key data filed and the top class in the GT3 cars have given a weight advantage. "In The aim has cars from three different classes - the SP7, the E1 and XP2 SP9 GT3 - to the podium. Even more balance we can hardly "manufacture, accounted for the race director. "But I'm also happy about the huge Scenery and the many fans who have celebrated despite the rain and cold for days. "

Votes of the winner's press conference

1st PLACE: # 18 (LIEBHERR / LUHR / DUMAS / BERNHARD) Porsche 911 GT3 RSR

Lucas Luhr: "Our plan was to give the night to correct everything and gases. The We have succeeded, although it was not easy in heavy traffic. I also had the front left even a contact with another vehicle. This time the competition was particularly strong and you had from the first to the last meter push full '.

Timo Bernhard: "For me it is a very special moment, my fifth win to celebrate at the 24h race. Too bad that our regular driver Marcel Tiemann time could not be there with. With Lucas Luhr, we had a good substitute. The race was super hard. Therefore, we are even happier had no problems making ends meet be. We have achieved all of the maximum. Olaf Manthey, I am pleased especially, because there is hardly anyone who lives the motor sport so intensely as he did. "

Marc Lieb: "At the start of the race it was a difficult decision as to which The two 911s we should go through. It was good that we concentrated on a car have, because in order to bring these services to two vehicles, this was the Speed ​​too high. Everything went perfectly, as the cars were always perfectly prepared.

Romain Dumas: "This was a competition at high level. We have our best given. Except for the small problem at night, as I describe the car, front right was slightly damaged, it went very well for us. We have space to make room front fought. That was a nice race. "

2nd PLACE: # 1 (MÜLLER / Farfus / ALZEN / LAMY) BMW M3 GT

Uwe Alzen: "Despite the second place I'm happy. We had no technical problems. It was totally a sprint race, all have given everything. At the starting line and the
Race course should be glad, if you stand here on the podium. "

Augusto Farfus: "The Nürburgring Nordschleife is the largest and most demanding Circuit in the world. It was a unique battle at extremely high levels. There were numerous overtaking moves at the absolute limit. We have pushed hard all the time, in the end it was a good race for us. It has paid off that we at the beginning Gas have given. "

Jörg Müller: "That was the hardest 24 hour race of my career, because this time About 20 cars capable of winning. It was soon clear that the 24 to a sprint race
would be. It was tough but beautiful. Our car ran perfectly - I can not imagine a nicer weekend. "

Pedro Lamy: "Unfortunately yesterday I had the accident at the rotary. This was a difficult Situation at the moment and I saw at that moment no other option than
to drive a short distance from the direction of travel. "

3rd PLACE: # 14 (Basseng / FÄSSLER / STIPPLE) Audi R8 LMS

Marc Basseng: "We were right at the start of the race twice with a problem loose front splitter. As a result we lost about four minutes. Our goal was to ensure
to get through the night and then to push the morning right. This plan worked, demonstrates how our podium. "

Marcel Fässler: "This month I had great success in endurance racing, in addition to This third place was the highlight, of course, the victory at Le Mans. In this
Sprint race and the competition is the third place absolutely fine. "

Frank Stippler: "We stand on the podium. This is a good result for us. It is great to be on the podium three different manufacturers. It was a great race -
also for the spectators. For our team it was not an easy job, but it has everything went well. Equal opportunity was given. We are in for the start
Next year work hard again. "

The Top -15 standings:
  1. 18 Lieb/Luhr/Bern/Duma 156 9:50.166
  2. 1 Mül/Farf/Alze/Lamy 156 9:24.921
  3. 14 Bass/Fäs/Picc/Stip 155 9:37.582
  4. 15 Stip/Henn/Haas/Wink 155 12:03.884
  5. 16 Ekst/Sche/Wern/Abt 154 10:37.689
  6. 22 Heye/Jäg/Blee/Seyf 153 9:03.563
  7. 32 Arno/Marg/Brü/Fran 153 11:05.863
  8. 2 Farn/Simo/Seef/Melo 152 9:43.708
  9. 26 Abbe/Schm/Kent/Berg 152 9:36.345
  10. 12 Weis/Kain/Jaco/Krum 151 10:44.891
  11. 21 Meht/Bres/Bres/Rös 150 9:33.726
  12. 17 Ludw/Mies/Jön/Abt 149 11:29.063
  13. 8 West/Menz/Stur/Rieg 149 9:29.581
  14. 125 Amme/Biel/Klin/Tomc 148 9:26.303
  15. 34 Stuc/Stuc/Stuc/Rost 148 9:48.516
Images : 2011 ADAC Zurich Nurburgring 24h-race

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