Volkswagen GTI (Dubai)

Car Name: ?Volkswagen GTI 
Car Name: Volkswagen

Top Speed: 149 mph
Although this is not the fastest, the performance of the entire car is pretty impressive. There�s a three door and a five door GTI. The 2011 GTI is in great value, they might want to upgrade for a newer car but it will cost some more for the government.

TopClass Front View

TopClass Backside View


  1. Volvo Car Corporation is a car producer based in Sweden which was founded in Gothenburg 1927 as a subsidiary company to the ball bearing maker known as SKF. Following the Second World War, Volvo began receiving recognition outside the perimeters of Sweden and has been expanding far and wide ever since. They have been very innovative when it comes to designing their cars and are always looking for new ways to make their next car safer than the last one