1946 Jeep Station Wagon

When released in the summer of 1946 stores'showrooms, Station Wagon Jeep soon Hit.Nicht only is it one of the first all-new postwar cars manufactured, it is attractive, affordable, and perhaps most importantly, utilitarian - a vehicle appealing to the eyes and the wallet , but it is useful for a variety of compact wheelbase 104-inch Aufgaben.Die allows to be driven and parked almost anywhere and still leave room for seven inside, with all but the driver was sitting removable for cargo Schleppen.In removed even with the rear seat, 96 cubic feet of cargo volume is available, and 50-inch interior height allows the transport of a very high post, something unthinkable in the car most of the time. For the first time the station wagon, which was previously by many people around the luxury vehicles, is less striking family car produced - and quickly adopted

JEEP 463 model year 1946, version for North America U.S. with 5-door wagon body type, RWD (rear-wheel drive) and manual 4-speed gearbox. Www.automobile-catalog.com Basic specs and characteristics: petrol (gasoline) engine 2199 cm3 / 133.9 cui displacement with advertised 47 kW / 63 hp / 64 PS (SAE) / 4000 and 144 Nm / 106 lb-ft / 2000 torque. Dimensions: this model outside length is 4420 mm / 174 in, it's 1727 mm / 68 in wide and has a wheelbase of 2642 mm / 104 incoming drag coefficient, estimated by ac, is Cd = 0.7. Standard wheels were fitted with tires size: (check the tire size standard and alternative). Reference vehicle weights are: shipping weight 1315 kg / 2898 pounds curb weight estimated 1390 kg / 3060 pounds. How fast is that car? Performance: top speed 109 km / h (68 mph) (theoretical); acceleration 0-60 mph 34 s, 0 - 100 km / h 45.6 s (ac simulation), 1/4 mile drag time (402 m) 23.8 s (ac simulation)Ketika dirilis di stores'showrooms pada musim panas 1946, Station


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