2011 Land Rover Discovery 4 : SUV Car Review with Pictures


Discovery 2011 model year, retained its position as one of the most lavishly equipped premium cars. Its combination of low amounts of CO2 emissions and high engine power remains a benchmark in the industry. And with the advent of our new “superdizelya” Discovery cars for the first time in its history began to pass a single gallon of fuel more than 30 miles (in one liter of a 10.6 km). Phil Pophem (Phil Popham), Director General of Land Rover. Completely new 8-cylinder V-type diesel engine, a new 8-speed gearbox, two significant updates to the system, Terrain Response ® and refined style – all designed to keep the car Discovery 2011 model year, the status of “king” in the segment of luxury SUVs . The new 4.4-liter engine LR-TDV8, equipped with the system a series-parallel turbo, replaced by Discovery 3,6-liter engine LR-TDV8. Completely new “superdizel» LR-TDV8 combines high power and high torque with outstanding environmental performance. Despite the extraordinary power characteristics of this engine is environmentally friendly and economical than its predecessor, and meets the stringent requirements of Euro-5 standard.

Control system to accelerate downhill designed to increase security in those moments when the car goes down the slope of a certain slope, while the driver is not involved in help system during the descent (Hill Descent Control). Cycling brakes, the system lowers the vehicle’s speed to that which corresponds to the accelerator pedal, a given driver. Inside Range Rover will be optional backlight thresholds front of doorways, new controls an automatic transmission for the diesel models and an improved entertainment system. The side air vents (on version with a diesel engine) and a new grille ‘Jupiter’ complete the look. A new optional package Exterior Design Pack gives the buyer the opportunity to make it more exclusive and the best SUV ever-Discovery, offering a choice of color is the car design and wheels.


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