2012 Daihatsu HVS

This advanced roadster points the way to the next generation of sports car, with its hybrid system delivering sporty response on a par with that of 2-litre engine vehicles and excellent fuel economy of 35km/litre, surpassing expectations for 1-litre engine vehicles - all packed into a compact open body. Combining the advanced look of a hybrid car with the pulse-quickening shapeliness of a sports car, the HVS has a low center of gravity with a spindle shape, delivering an experience where driver and car become one in its 3,715mm long compact body.

The car�s front-mounted hybrid system combines a 1.5-litre inline 4-cylinder gasoline engine with two motors. The engine develops maximum output of 80kW (109PS) and maximum torque of 141N�m (14.4kg�m). With its high-power motors and smooth, seamless acceleration due to the outstanding power transmission efficiency of the hybrid system, the HVS delivers sporty response with ample torque on a par with 2-litre engine vehicles. Powerful acceleration and stability are further enhanced by the rear electric motor with left-right drive power control mechanism. Thanks to highly efficient system operation, fuel economy is an impressive 35km/litre, surpassing expectations for 1-litre engine vehicles.

 2012 Daihatsu HVS Interior
 2012 Daihatsu HVS  Back


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