Toyota FT-Bh concept : Taking efficiency to new heights

Toyota FT-Bh Teaser images

  • FT-Bh – Future Toyota B-segment hybrid
  • New concept designed for maximum fuel efficiency, built using economically viable methods and materials
  • CO2 emissions around 50 per cent lower than the current average for the supermini segment
  • Focus on five principal factors: low weight, aerodynamic performance, powertrain efficiency, thermal energy management and electricity saving
  • World debut at the Geneva motor show

Toyota’s FT-Bh concept breaks new boundaries in small car efficiency. It’s as spacious as an average five-door supermini, but produces about 50 per cent less CO2, and tipping the scales at under 800kg, it weighs less than a three-door Aygo.

These feats have not been achieved by using exotic materials or expensive techniques: from the outset Toyota determined that the FT-Bh would be made using commonplace, economically viable production methods and technologies, including a down-sized full hybrid powertrain.

Toyota took a “total vehicle” approach, focusing on five areas of design and engineering to gain the highest fuel efficiency and lowest emissions: weight reduction, optimum aerodynamic performance (achieving a 30 per cent gain), powertrain efficiency, thermal energy management and electricity saving.

The FT-Bh concept makes its world debut at the Geneva motor show, at 10.15am on 6 March. 

[Source : TOYOTA]


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