Toyota GT86

2012 Toyota GT86

Toyota's long-awaited compact 2 +2 seater sports car based GT86 with its consistent focus on the driver and his incomparably precise response to steering commands to gas and all those for whom driving is first and foremost passion.

The flat and extremely aerodynamic GT86 is based on an entirely new platform and is also the most compact four-seater sports car in the world.

In developing the chief designer Tetsuya Tada and presented his counterpart at Subaru, Toshio Masuda, numerous challenges that required the use of considerable human resources. Despite the very ambitious targets they have succeeded here, in three key technical Rahmbedingungen stubbornly hold: the rear-wheel drive, naturally aspirated engine and the conventional tires.

Due to the lack of a large-displacement, heavy drive Toyota returns back to his racing roots. Is the only sports car in the world of GT86 with a compact and high-torque boxer engine with front-wheel drive.

At the same time he is waiting, thanks to its low overall weight and its low center of gravity with minimal moment of inertia and a very favorable power to weight on. This unique package gives the GT86 for outstanding performance and a breathtaking driving dynamics - they guarantee maximum driving pleasure with a minimum of electronic interference.

Designed for an unfiltered, classic sports car experience, designed by a passionate team of engineers tested in racing and tuned to excite even the most demanding sports rider - the new GT86 breathes the spirit of classic Toyota sports cars and reward committed drivers with a unique driving experience.

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[Source : TOYOTA - German translated]


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