2011 SCODA YETI Family SUV : Car Review with Pictures

2011 SCODA YETI, “It’s what machine?” if the question was when we brought the car to the office next to the job description does not racking circuit records. You might think that we are lazy, but if you spend more than an hour a day taxi in Prague, you no longer work with clutch pedal will soon have fun … If you wanted to Skoda Yeti SUV with a diesel engine, all wheel drive and automatic transmission, you had to the unlucky half of this year SCODA YETI. Damage, but has extended its offer for a new power units (including the 1.4 TSI petrol engine with an output 122 hp) and just happened to Six-and dual-clutch automatic DSG 2.0 TDI version of the SCODA YETI. Automatic transmission, but otherwise you get only the 1.2 TSI gasoline engine that drives only the front kola. SCODA YETI 2.0 TDI with common rail injection is not big news, and dual-clutch automatic SCODA YETI DSG transmission, either. Even all-wheel drive procured mezin?pravovou fourth-generation Haldex clutch is nothing revolutionary.

SCODA YETI Offroad Combine all this together, however, and you have the SCODA YETI new car. In addition to the Yeti were also given the opportunity to Octavia and the Skoda Yeti, SCODA YETI.SUV about something we do not have a separate, because in addition to a new kind of drive to the outside or under the hood, no major changes. It’s still so daring by the standards of Skoda Auto. While you are settling in the Czech service SCODA YETI, but still pretty strong and people pay attention to him much more than ordinary and unobtrusive SCODA YETI, SCODA YETI and SCODA YETI. If you want a stealth, it is not yet Skoda Yeti is not a good choice.


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