new car Audi A1 Sportback

audirelease a new product, Germanautomotivemanufacturersalways makea new oneby 
creatinga qualityautomobilecar, the new caristhe Audi A1Sportback, cars fromgermanyisasportyappearanceand looksviewAudi A1SportbackcarwithhiscarbeforethecarseriesA1specialAmpilifededition

AudiA1Sportbackappearancetogetherith theA1seriesbeforeperbedaaseenfrom the doorof fivedoors, fog lights andbumpergrilleblends withA1there are similaritieswiththe previousseries, there arealsosimilaritieswiththe rearLEDlightsandgraingranules.DimensionAudiA1Sportbackabout3.950mmlongerand lookswellA1SportbackAudiA1Sportbackis actuallysixmillimeterstaller andsixmillimeterswider, lightercarstructure. most ofthe car bodyis made ofmild steelis strong. 

Sharesinteriorlooksthe same as theseriessebelulnya, largecabin spacedifferenceand therearemore extensiveinteriorwith room forfive, stylingcues. Six-footers will find it hardtopushin the back, althoughanadditional11cmof headroomto makea difference. Bootspaceisequivalent to thethree-doorat 270liters, or920literswith theseatsdown witha large space.

Medin cars equipped with stop-start sounding 104bhp 1.6 diesel with 74.3mpg economy and emissions of 99g/km. The fastestis the 1.4 TFSI 182bhp, capable of 0-62mph in seven seconds. Engine capacity of 2000 cc TDI with 143 hp power to reach capacity.
Prices start from £ 13,980 for the 1.2-literTFSISportbackwith82bhp(buzzy littleenginethat makesA1really feellikeapropercity car), rising to£ 21,270for the182bhppetrol. Modelon the model, there isa £560premiumforthe fivedoor

Thehighestusagein selectAudiA1isSpecialAmplifiedEdition.


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