2013 Audi R8

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5.2 feature highlights

Car Barn Sport | Audi R8 Facelift (2013) | Audi has updated its range of R8, adding a new top model in the lineup. Other new features include single-frame grille with chamfered upper corners are painted glossy black and chrome horizontal fields. As an option, Audi installed front splitter made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP). Splitter is standard on the new R8 V10 Plus. The mirrors and side air intakes on the wings coupe is made of carbon fiber on the new R8 V10 Plus Top Model. In


If desired, the LEDs illuminate the engine compartment to the R8 V10 Plus, these lights, as well as some of the carbon fiber engine compartment trim are standard. LED lights dominate the rear of the Audi R8. Large carbon fiber diffuser optional (standard R8 V10 Plus), was drawn up. With all engine variants of the exhaust system terminates in two round, shiny side exhaust, painted black on the R8 V10 Plus. Audi R8 offers the solid colors Ibis White and bright red, four and five metallic colors pearl / crystal effect of the coating. Wings coupe is available in eight colors, and the roof R8 Spyder is available in black, red or brown.


On the Audi R8 Spyder on the deck lid of the box and side panels made of carbon fiber. The new top model in the series, Audi R8 V10 Plus. 6-speed gearbox, with its leaders to open the gate lever, stainless steel is standard on the V8 and V10 version. Pressing the launch control with an initial increase in speed and is controlled with an optimal starting point for tire slippage. Audi Magnetic Ride adaptive damping system is a standard R8 V10 and the V8 additional options.
The revised R8 riding on big wheels. V8 versions are equipped with standard sizes 8.5Jx18 10.5Jx18 wheels front and rear, with tires sized 235/40 and 285/35. According to the Audi V10 installed 19-inch width of 8.5 and 11 inch tires size 235/35, respectively, and to get 295/30. Steel wheels high sports cars internally ventilated and perforated aluminum disk sticks with shells.  Aluminum calipers of the front wheels, each with eight-piston and rear wheels, each with four pistons. In conjunction with the 19-inch wheels, Audi offers optional carbon-ceramic brakes (standard R8 V10 Plus). ESC Electronic Stability Program Management offers a sports mode, and can also be turned off completely. The new Audi R8 rolling line for European customers later this year.