2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class: local lineup and timing confirmed

The sixth-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class will arrive in Australia earlier than expected, in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Speaking at the international launch of the all-new S-Class, Mercedes-Benz Australia corporate communications manager David McCarthy confirmed that two bodystyles and three spec levels would launch initially, with more to follow.

Arriving between October and December this year will be the S350 BlueTEC with a 190kW/620Nm 3.0-litre turbo-diesel V6 and 20Nm electric motor; the S500 with a 355kW/700Nm 4.7-litre twin-turbo petrol V8; and the S63 AMG with yet-to-be-announced outputs.


All will be available in short wheelbase versions, with only the S350 and S500 scoring a long wheelbase option from launch.

�??A 90 to 95 per cent chance�?� of following in the second quarter of 2014 will be the S300 and S400 hybrids, the former a four-cylinder model available with the smaller body only, and the latter V6 available in both short and stretched format.

With a 225kW/370Nm 3.5-litre petrol V6 and 20Nm electric motor, the S400 Hybrid is two seconds slower from 0-100km/h compared with the S500 �?" 6.8 seconds versus 4.8sec �?" but where the V6 petrol-electric model claims 6.3L/100km combined, the V8 petrol slurps 8.6L/100km.

Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse ( W222) 2012

The S300 Hybrid, meanwhile, with a 150kW/500Nm 2.1-litre twin-turbo diesel and 20Nm electric motor will be �??price wise pretty close to the S350,�?� according to McCarthy.

Although the S300 isn�??t as quick as the S350 from 0-100km/h �?" 7.6 seconds versus 6.8sec �?" it is 1.1L/100km more economical, rated at 4.4L/100km.

Defending the decision to offer the twin-turbo petrol V8 as the only petrol model available, and not the twin-turbo petrol V6 that debuted in the E-Class, McCarthy asserted that �??in that [upper large car] market there is significant demand for a V8.�?�


McCarthy also said that for the first time Mercedes-Benz would offer the S350 diesel in long wheelbase format because �??we�??ve had demand for it�?�.

There won�??t, however, be an immediate replacement for the S65 AMG range topper. Mercedes-Benz Australia has decided instead, McCarthy says, to wait for the now all-but-confirmed S-Class coupe coming next year.

�??There�??s another S65 we may be taking down the track, with a few less doors.�?�


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