Infiniti Q30 concept sketch released

An Infiniti Q30 concept will be shown at September�??s 2013 Frankfurt motor show to preview the new compact crossover model coming in 2015 from Nissan�??s luxury arm.

Infiniti has released a sketch of the Q30 concept in the lead-up to the big European show, building anticipation for what will be a crucial vehicle for the brand in terms of sales.

The Infiniti Q30 production car is due to reach Australia in early 2015 and will slot in below the Q50 medium car (bottom image) that arrives at the end of 2013. The Q30 is expected to generate 60,000 annual sales globally.


Infiniti says the Q30 will have a distinctive style as it aims to create cars that are more evocatively designed than its German rivals, and it will be another vehicle to inspired by wildlife.

�??When you see speedy big cats, like cheetahs, they have a slenderness and a lightweight stride,�?� said Infiniti�??s� executive design director, Alfonso Albaisa. �??It�??s almost like they�??re floating. That�??s the muscularity we were aiming for with [the] Q30 concept.�?�

The 2011 Infiniti Etherea (pictured above) has previously previewed a small Infiniti model, though the company has since partnered with Mercedes-Benz in a deal that will see the Q30 using the German brand�??s A-Class and B-Class �??MFA�?? platform.

Infiniti Q50 front 3q

It is also expected to share turbocharged four-cylinder engines from Mercedes as part of the same deal.

The company has previously said the Infiniti Q30 wouldn�??t be a conventional hatchback and would instead sit somewhere between an Audi A3 hatch and Audi Q3 compact SUV. A three-way adjustable ride height is rumoured for the model as part of its crossover status.

Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel, in his role of the company�??s director of performance, �??will influence [the Q30] from its inception�?�, according to Infiniti.

The Infiniti Q30 concept will be revealed on September 10th.


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