�??Need for change�?? in automotive design: Bangle

Outspoken former BMW Group design chief Chris Bangle believes today�??s car designers are stuck in a rut and says the industry�??s inability to view itself objectively is holding back progress.

Bangle told industry journal Automotive News Europe the current crop of automotive designers is trapped in a phase he calls �??mannerisms�?�, employing the same techniques and elements as they have for years.

�??There is a real need for a change and that�??s just not happening,�?� Bangle said.


The pioneering designer, whose resume includes the fabric-skinned, shape-shifting 2008 BMW Gina sports car concept (pictured), says there is a lack of innovation in the industry.

�??Even concept cars today simply anticipate the next production model coming down the line. Is this innovation? No. And at the end of the day this is what�??s preventing car design from moving into a new era,�?� he said.

Bangle left the Bavaria-based car maker in 2009 after almost 18 years as the company�??s chief of design responsible for BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce to create his own design firm in Turin, Italy.

A number BMW�??s of most polarising and controversial designs were penned under his leadership, including the previous-generation 5, 6 and 7 Series models, the original Z4 sports car and the current X6 crossover.



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