Audi R8 GT3

Car Name: Audi R8 GT3 ?
Brand Name: Audi

TopClass View

Audi presented new sport version of the R8, called GT3. It have Audi�s Quattro system in favor of a GT regulation rear-wheel drive transmission. The R8's 500 horsepower is delivered via a newly urban six-zoom, sequential, sports gearbox. An adapted front end and a mega large GT-panache rear-wing keep the pursuit mode glued to the pursue.
Audi claims that the suspension almost exclusively uses components from the production line. As amazing as the sounds, think that the benchmark R8 is in detail a supercar, already based on contest technology
Back Straight View

Interior Staring View

Side View

Interior Gear View

?Front Straight View

TopClass Backside View


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