Peugeot SR1

Car Name: Peugeot SR1
Brand Name: Peugeot

TopClass View

Peugeot has revealed the first photos of the new SR1 Concept car. It�s a Grand Tourer that comes with two doors and a hard top. The construct is a foretaste of what the French marque policy to do in language of upcoming target focus. The new SR1 will be exposed at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show.

Typical of a GT, the SR1 skin a large sculptured bonnet, flowing wings, a low centre of gravity, sweeping sides and a chiselled rear create. LEADING headlights are a highlight, as is the new redesigned Lion badge.
The interior arranged archetype is a 2+1 style which chairs two passengers up front and one in the heart rear. Leather and coppice accents are evident inside the berth while so-called high-tech resources like nickel and satin-finished chrome adorn assorted parts. A panache felt is an undivided wristwatch that hysterics into a fanatical housing on the fascia panel.

Power is complete by HYbrid4 technology consisting of a 1.6-litre THP gasoline producing 160kW (218hp) and a rear electric motor of 70kW (95hp). Total approach harvest is 230kW (313hp) and AWD is engaged when the two systems are working together. Average fuel consumption is 4.9 litres per 100km while C02 emissions are pegged at 119g/km

Front Straight View

Top View

Interior View

Interior Staring View

TopClass View


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