Opel Ampera EV Police Cruiser Patrol Car 2011

Car Name:  Opel Ampera EV Police Cruiser Patrol Car 2011
Brand Name: Opel

Opel Ampera Patrol Car is powered by the same 16-kWh, lithium-ion than the regular version, and also depends on gasoline, Range Extender engine. Opel Ampera patrol Car has a maximum range of 500 km, needs 9 seconds 0-100 km / h sprint (0-62 mph) and has a top speed of 160 km / h. These figures unexpectedly decent performance for Opel Ampera patrol is possible thanks to its high torque output of the electronic, 370 Nm. Like the Volt, Opel�s version of the car can be driven in pure electric mode for 40-80 km before the petrol engine kicks in to produce electricity and / or motivate the front driving wheels pushing the total driving range to over 500 km [311 miles].

TopClass Frontside View
TopClass Backside View


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