Mitsubishi EVO X Signed Up By Victoria Police (UK)

Car Name: Mitsubishi EVO X
Brand Name: Mitsubishi ?

This one, according to sources within �traffic branch�, has Mitsubishi�s Twin Clutch Sport Shift Transmission (TC-SST) and �makes the speed of a Subaru WRX look like a six cylinder VB Commodore. Besides being a full-on rally car with all wheel drive, it has the paddle shift on the steering column� � so sayeth the source.
It�s a trend that�s catching on. As TMR has previously reported, U.K Police Ponder Evo X Intercep tor, UK Police have been assessing the Evo X for highway duties there. Victoria Police has gone one better and given the all-paw rocket a cap and a badge and signed it up.
So be warned � it�s new ball game out there. Victoria Police now have a new weapon in the fight against all you Yaris drivers bending the speed of light (and the space time continuum).

TopClass Frontside View

TopClass Backside View


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