Police Ponder Evo X Interceptor (UK)

Car Name: ?U.K Police Ponder Evo X Interceptor
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Secifications are nowhere to be seen, on looks alone the Evo X Interceptor is an impressive bit of gear. Presented at last month's National Association of Police Fleet Managers Exhibition, the Evo X could potentially see active duty on the streets of the UK.
The images follow from recent news that the Victorian Police have adopted an Evo X of their own, shown in the gallery below. This is not the first time Aussie Law Enforcement has gone JDM either, some of you may remember the MY00  Subaru WRX police car.
While these types of police car specials may do little more than turn heads, the garish decals - and the Evo X sled - will ensure that drivers thinking of (ahem) misbehaving will be unlikely to miss their presence on the roads (just don't look for too long and end up in someone's paintwork).

TopClass Frontside View

TopClass Backside View


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