MTM celebrates the season kick-off in Geneva with two PSUVs

2012 MTM Q3

Just prior to the spectacular premiere of the automobile industry’s current annual presentation season at the International Motor Show in Geneva, the statistics registered a trend that every automobile manufacturer should take note of: the notchback is out and the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) is taking over.

MTM has spearheaded this movement with a proven model in this category: more power for sportier performance! Cars from the MTM high-tech studio in Wettstetten, Germany, that are headed for the finish line, are power-packed and have what it takes to take the lead. So it makes sense that MTM is presenting two Power SUVs (PSUVs): The MTM T 500 2.5 TFSI 4motion, which an unsuspecting observer might mistake at first glance for a VW T5. But don’t be fooled. It wouldn’t be an MTM creation if it didn’t have power to spare; and besides, the motor vehicle registration certificate identifies MTM as the responsible automobile manufacturer.

Also oozing pure power is the MTM Q3 2.0 TFSI Quattro, which is presented in bold black, red and gold, just like the power-charged MTM "Bulli". An obvious reference to the European Football Championship by the MTM team: "If you want to play in the top league, you better drive in the top league”, MTM boss Roland Mayer adds with a smile when talking about the patriotically-coloured creation of his associates. 
Meanwhile, under the bonnet everything is just what you would expect from MTM: high-tech for high performance and the satisfaction of knowing that “more is more”.

2012 MTM T500

Which is also the maxim for the MTM T 500 2.5 TFSI 4motion. It is driven by an in-line five-cylinder, an indestructible performer with a character that may no longer play a leading role in the serial production planning at Volkswagen, but which has nevertheless succeeded in building a huge fan community. And they will prick up their ears when the T 500 roars off into the distance with 472 HP at 6,900 rpm. At 4,100 rpm, the unit racks up a torque of 625 Nm, and if the transmission hadn’t also been modified for such force with MTM know-how, the enormous bang would hardly allow it to make it to the asphalt. Secured to such an extent, the fierce propulsion first ends at 280 km/h. Even the briskest T5 with serial power stays within a civil speed range, at about 200 km/h. The control exercised against so much power is guaranteed by large disc brakes, firmly gripped by two 6-piston fixed callipers at the front axle. Mounted on the 9x20 inch MTM Bimoto rims, are 275/35 ZR 20 Michelin SuperSport. Certainly not for the faint-hearted, but in the face of a muscleman, the category “comfort” seems to hold what it promises – with a KW Street Comfort coilover suspension, with a sensible as well as helpful touch from MTM. All in all, the MTM T500 ensemble totals just under 160,000 Euro.

Just like the "Bulli", the MTM Q3 2.0 TFSI also strikes a different note than the standard model. No wonder; instead of 170 HP, this PSUV charges in with 310 HP. The MTM version takes a good two seconds less, namely 6.1 seconds, to sprint to 100 km/h. And while the standard Q3 reaches its peak at 212 km/h, the MTM Q3 has enough steam to get it to just under 250 km/h. An Audi Q3 2.0 TFSI with S-Line sport package costs almost 37,000 Euro. After MTM has done its magic, the PSUV will cost just under 59,000 Euro. The added value is generated by proven additions like a specially adapted exhaust system with turbo-kit and rear diffuser, as equally visible as the characteristic set of wheels from MTM Bimoto 20", soled with tyres size 255/35 ZR 20 and moderately lowered.

Primed like this, both MTM creations are perfectly suited for a trip to the European Football Championship. The ideal PSUV for fans and groupies. For those fans who would rather watch the tournament of Europe’s best kickers at home on the telly, skip the black-red-gold foil: with savings of 2,350 Euro for the T500 and 1,850 Euro for the MTM Q3. You’ll still be ahead of the game with both, multi-coloured or plain – even if you head west.

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[Source : MTM]


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